Boiler Repair Experts

After speaking to a number of new Plumbing and Heating clients last week, we have noticed a trend in the questions been asked. Who should I use for my problem a Plumber or a Heating Engineer? We decided to write this blog post to help you understand the difference between a plumber and heating engineer to point you in the right direction to answer your question.

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Heat Pump Edinburgh

With the weather getting nicer these days, a question that is asked almost every year is whether it is a good idea to turn off the central heating during the summer months to save money on your heating bill.

On the surface, this seems like a sensible idea and an easy way to save money on your energy bills, since money would be wasted heating a house when it is not needed. However, this philosophy might not always be strictly the correct one to follow for a few simple reasons.

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Potterton Boiler Repair

The average boiler lasts around 15 years if well maintained and although a yearly service can improve the lifespan, an older boiler has to work harder to heat your home. If your boiler needs replacing it could be costing you more money as the energy efficiency is reduced and there is a danger that they are not safe. If you are seeing, hearing, smelling or experiencing any of these signs it is probably time to think about investing in a new boiler.

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